About Dr. Richard McCready, D.C.

Dr. Richard McCready

Dr. Richard McCready has over 25 years of experience helping Louisiana residents with their pain, mobility and accident needs. He uses the most gentle methods to treat all individuals who are experiencing pain or other symptoms requiring chiropractic care.

Dr. McCready specializes in treating victims of car accidents, using over twelve techniques and numerous therapies. Throughout his profession, he has curated a group of individuals – including radiologists, MD orthopedic doctors, surgeons, and even attorneys – who work side-by-side with him to make sure that each patient receives complete and thorough care for their medical and legal issues.

Even with a specialty in accident victims, Dr. McCready will happily see and treat patients with all manner of medical issues. From sciatica pain to frozen shoulder to carpal tunnel, he can help. If you are experiencing chronic pain or are tired of living day-to-day with symptoms such as tingling, burning, or pain, then it’s time to visit McCready Chiropractic for a consultation.

Patients who have never been to a chiropractor or are nervous about the procedures performed at McCready Chiropractic should visit Dr. McCready and feel safe in his hands. He only uses low force/no force adjustments, which are painless. Adjustments are performed bone by bone, and anything done by Dr. McCready can be undone.

Dr. McCready believes that in modern times, you have to be your own best doctor. He recommends getting an uncontaminated second opinion if you are ever dissatisfied with your doctor’s assessment of your health problems. Do this by going to a second doctor without telling him the first doctor’s evaluation. If you are still unsatisfied with the results, then order your own lab work and film studies as needed to investigate your own health problems, using resources like PubMed.gov to answer other potential treatment questions. 

In your very first visit it will become obvious Dr. McCready is very experienced and an expert you can trust with your health.

They had pain. They found relief here. You can too.

"Dr. McCready has been a God send to me. He has made adjustments that have relieved my back and leg pain very quickly. I will only use Dr. McCready now and in the future. Great service, professional, and available when needed."
"I was referred here 6 years ago after I had been blindsided in an accident. I had just moved back to the Opelousas area and had been treated in Lake Charles for 2 and a half months with no lasting relief from back and neck pain. After my very first visit I noticed a huge difference and after a week I was pain free! Dr. McCready knows what he's doing!!! I felt at ease when I came in and felt that he really listened to me about what I was going through."
Kevin H.
"He has worked on my grandson who is growing fast and playing basketball and has numerous aches and pains. He visits the doctor after every week of playing and it helps him quite a lot. His care and understanding of your problems only surpasses his friendliness towards you. I would recommend Dr. McCready to all my friends."
James B.