What You Should Do If You Get Into An Accident

What experiences have taught me over the years of practice, I present to you my best non-attorney advice: Real wrecks are unexpected events that happen instantly and out of the blue.

If you are in shock or confused after the crash, it’s normal.

Assess if you or others are injured, if so, call 911 immediately.  Take care of the emergencies first.

DON’T LEAVE THE SCENE. Call the police to the scene.


When The Police Arrive


An injury is anything that doesn’t feel like it did before the crash. Reporting injuries doesn’t automatically mean an ambulance ride. You can decide how and when you seek medical attention.  When needed, as needed, without going by ambulance.



Don’t exaggerate, don’t give opinions and don’t blame or accept responsibility for the crash. Let the police investigate the scene.  Let the evidence speak.



Information to get:

  • names, addresses and phone numbers of all the involved passengers, drivers and any witnesses.
  • the other person’s insurance information by taking a picture of their card or writing in down.  Make sure you have phone numbers.


IF YOU ARE TAKING PICTURES AT THE SCENE, TAKE PICTURES OF BOTH CARS, SKID MARKS, CUTS, BRUISES, LIGHT POLES, SIGNS, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING including the sky and the inside of the car. It will support and remind you of the events of the crash.  It’s also know as EVIDENCE.


If your vehicle needs to be towed away, before it is hooked up to the tow truck get the prices of how much it costs for the tow, where the wreck is being towed to and consider having it towed back to your home so that you have control of your car and what is inside your car as far as critical papers and personal belongings.  Get the tow drivers, name license/registration number, take pictures of the driver, the tow truck with its name and address.


When You Get The Police Report

VERY IMPORTANT:  When you go get the police report, read it over carefully more than once.  MAKE SURE THE EVERY DETAIL ON THE REPORT IS ACCURATE AND THAT, LINE BY LINE OF THE REPORT, ALL IS TRUE AND CORRECT.  If you find even one mistake, call the police department and request to meet with the reporting officer and have the mistake corrected immediately.  If there is any delay on the officer’s part, and you know that you are right, call the officer’s boss and insist on meeting ASAP.

Memory is time sensitive and time is of the essence, you can’t wait because the officer can forget what actually happened.

The number one thing to remember in life, but especially after the car wreck you’ve just had is that: THERE IS ONLY ONE VERSION OF THE TRUTH TODAY, TOMORROW AND TO THE END OF TIME.  Only tell the truth and you won’t have to worry about any lies popping up on you.

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for in-person advice or care from a medical professional.

Dr Richard McCready

Dr Richard McCready

Dr. McCready specializes in treating victims of car accidents but also helps patients with conditions such as back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and many more.


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